Shared Kids’ Room Ideas and Before Photos: One Room Challenge Week 1

We are so excited to create a shared kids’ room in our house and participate in the One Room Challenge this season! We’ve followed several seasons of the ORC and have been so inspired by the hard work, creativity, and fun each designer, blogger, and influencer put into their rooms.

We’ll be sharing updates every week on Thursday all culminating in a big, juicy reveal post on November 12th! Each post will feature a new DIY project that will bring our shared kids’ room one step closer to completion. It’s a huge undertaking to makeover an entire space in just 6 weeks, but we’re ready for the challenge!

One Room Challenge: Shared Kids’ Room

As you may know, we have a 4-year-old, Logan, and a 2-year-old, Whitney. They’ve always had separate bedrooms and they are, quite frankly, awful at sharing a room. For the last several months, they have both been begging to sleep together in Logan’s room. We haven’t allowed it, because they’re both amazing sleepers in their own rooms and why mess with a good thing?!

Well, apparently they’ve worn us down because we’re messing with a good thing and giving them a trial run at sharing a room. Prior to COVID, we did a lot of traveling which meant staying in hotels, our camper, or with family. In each of those situations, it was getting tough to create separate spaces for each kid to sleep, especially since Whitney no longer sleeps in a pack-n-play. We’re hoping that they’ll learn to sleep together at home and it’ll make for easier trips once it’s finally safe to travel again.

Before Photos

This room belonged to a little girl when we bought the house. The bright pink walls had sparkly paint on top and it was a loud, overstuffed room, but I’m sure it made that little girl very happy. We painted this room (and every other room in the house) this light gray during move-in weekend.

That same weekend, Alex’s mom bought Logan his dinosaur bedding and curtains and he has LOVED them! He was only 2 when we moved in, so we kept the bed on the floor and just had a few books and toys in the room. He needed his naps and keeping the distractions to a minimum helped him go to sleep. Now that he’s 4, he has a LEGO table and more toys and books, so he can entertain himself during his quiet time each day.


Bunk Beds

We know that we want bunk beds in the room, so we can free up as much floor space as possible. It’s a good-sized room, but the layout of the closet door and window make fitting 2 separate beds a little tricky. The main debate regarding the beds was whether to do a built-in bunkbed or a stand-alone, playhouse-style bunkbed.

We can’t have a built-in bunk that spans the entire wall, because it would block the closet. So, instead, we looked for built-in bunks that only took up a portion of the room. These are our top inspirations for a built-in bunk. Also, we know the last one isn’t built-in, but it’s one of our favs and is a similar style to the built-ins.

Logan specifically asked for a “house bed with a slide”, so we started looking at some playhouse-style beds as well. Our main concern with these beds is that they’ll outgrow it in a couple of years and we’ll end up building a more mature, built-in bunk at that point. However, kids are only little once, and we know they’d have so much fun in a cool space like this!

Play Areas

We’re heading into ND’s never-ending winter, which means our days of outdoor play are numbered. With COVID so rampant here, we likely won’t be heading to the trampoline park or indoor playgrounds anytime soon. So, the isolation of winter compounded with the isolation of COVID has us needing more indoor play spaces at home. Lucky for us, other creative parents and designers have provided plenty of inspiration for tons of fun packed into small spaces.

Decisions that are set

  • We will be building bunk beds from scratch
  • We will be building a playhouse-style bed with a slide
  • We will be creating some kind of play area in the corner
  • We will be revamping the closet to fit clothing for 2 kids
  • We will be building toy storage

Decisions that are up in the air

  • What type of play area do we want?
  • What color should we paint the bunk beds?
  • Do we want an accent wall behind the bunks?
  • What type of toy storage do we want?

As you can see, we still have a lot of decisions to flush out, but once we start building and putting the different elements together, it’ll suddenly click and we’ll know exactly what the room needs.

Send us all your luck, because this is the week we build bunk beds for the very first time. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly!

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