Shared Bedroom Mood Board | One Room Challenge Week 2

This week’s progress on the shared bedroom was consumed with building our massive, playhouse bed. It was quite the roller coaster as we tried to recreate a bed that was clearly manufactured and not custom built. If you want to see all the work we did on it this week, it’s all saved in a highlight on Instagram. Now we have it almost completely built, but it still needs all of the finishing work before it’s ready for it’s big, blog debut.

In addition to our bed build, we also finalized our design plan for the shared bedroom. We still had a lot of unknowns when we announced the project last week because the bed itself was a big unknown. Now that we know how the bed will look, we’ve been able to pick out the rest of our finishes, bedding, and accessories for the shared bedroom.

We’re very visual people, so all of this is subject to change once we put it all together, but for now this is the plan!

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It’s a kids’ room, so we wanted something colorful, but also neutral enough to go with the different accent colors we’ll add over the years. This first iteration of the shared bedroom will have navy blue accents, but this rug gives us the flexibility to accent with pinks, a deep yellow, a lighter blue, mauve, and more. Isn’t this rug just stunning?!


We built the bunk bed to be a twin-over-twin bed. For right now, we’re just buying bedding for the top bunk. Logan currently sleeps in a full-sized bed, so we bought 1 twin bed for the top and have put Logan’s full-size bed on the bottom, perpendicular to the top bunk. If the kids get along and sleep well together, we’ll buy another twin bed for the bottom, but we want to give them a test run before buying another mattress.

We knew we wanted neutral comforters or duvets, so we could layer on patterned or colorful pillows and throws as their preferences change. We also knew we wanted a messy-bed vibe since I know they won’t be doing hospital corners when they make the bed. When we saw these gray, linen-look duvet covers, we knew they were just what we were looking for!

We haven’t finalized our pillows yet, because we’re waiting to see the rug colors in person. These ones are our favorites right now.


As soon as we saw this set of digital prints, we knew it was exactly the right set for this room. It’s modern, playful, and simple.

Our goals for week 3 are to finish the bed and start working on the playground side. We got the playground equipment a few days ago, and it is going to be PERFECT for keeping the kids entertained this winter!

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