Playhouse Bunk Bed Progress | One Room Challenge Week 3

Week three of the One Room Challenge was the most exciting yet! We finished building the playhouse bunk bed structure! The bed finally looks like a playhouse, it holds 2 mattresses, and the kids are officially sleeping in it. That’s a major victory!

If you want to catch up, we’re creating a shared kids’ bedroom in just 6 weeks. Check out our before photos and design plan to get caught up.

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Playhouse Bunk Bed Progress

playhouse bunkbed progress

Last week, we just had a bed frame set up on some 4x4s. We spent fall break hanging out with family and then got back to work building the actual playhouse part of the bunk bed. Alex worked some jigsaw magic and made some really precise cuts and now this bed looks AMAZING! He deserves extra credit because winter officially hit us in North Dakota this week, and he made a lot of those cuts in the freezing cold outside! We needed a heated shop up here!

The playhouse bunk bed still needs all of the finishing work done, but this week we were finally able to see our vision come to life. After weeks of making decisions and hoping it would come together, it felt great to finally see the playhouse bunk bed taking shape.

bunk bed with led lights

When we asked our kids what they wanted in their new shared room, their very first answer was “dance-party lights!”. Their aunt uses colored, LED strip lights to have dance parties with them. So, this week we also added LED lights to each of the bunks, and it is like a party in there now! They love them, and they’re the perfect way to add some reading light for each of them too.

Plan for Week 4 of the One Room Challenge

We are waiting on a part that will make it easier to attach the slide. So for now, the kids are using a step stool to climb up and down out of the bed. Once we build the slide, they’ll probably just climb up and down the slide, so we may not even build a ladder.

While we wait for the slide part, we’re going to stain the plywood and add many layers of top coat to make the playhouse bunk bed extremely durable. It needs to be able to handle the abuse of 2 rambunctious little kids! In fact, there are already some greasy, little fingerprints we need to sand off before we can stain it!

playhouse bunk beds

We’re trying to find a stain combination that will match our inspiration bed as closely as possible. We love the medium, warm tone, and feel that it will go really well with our wood floors. We want to avoid anything that looks too rustic, so we need a very uniform finish. The stain is our make-or-break moment with this playhouse bunk bed, so wish us luck for week 4!

The playhouse bunk bed still needs:

  • edge-banding on the plywood edges
  • trim and paint on the 4x4s
  • a decision on whether or not to add trim to the windows
  • a ROOF!

Other tasks for our shared kids’ bedroom:

  • build the playground
  • revamp the closet to fit clothes for both kids
  • add book storage
  • add toy storage

The playhouse bunkbed and the playground are definitely the hardest, most time-consuming aspects of this project, so once we have those both completed, we’ll breathe a little easier. We have an exciting, Halloween weekend with family coming up, so we need to work twice as hard this week, so we can relax next weekend and still be on track to finish this room!

If you want to see all of the BTS work that went into building this playhouse bunk bed, check out the highlight we have saved on Instagram!

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