Neutral Fall Decor Home Tour

Decorating my entire house for fall takes about 1 hour. I LOVE neutral fall decor because I don’t want my home to scream fall. I just want the seasonal decor to be a subtle addition. When I add a few touches of fall to each room, it makes our whole home feel cozy and new. It’s incredible what a few well-placed pieces of decor can do to make a home feel special for the season.

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Each year, I pick one seasonal color to serve as my accent color. This year, I chose a burnt orange that is so warm and dreamy. The rest of my decor is fairly neutral, so I can change up my accent color each year without buying an entirely new set of fall decor. I try to use my accent color in each room I decorate to help the home feel more cohesive as I carry one color throughout the whole house. You can see here how I used this same burnt orange to style my bed with only 4 items.

Links: vase (Homegoods)/pumpkin (Target dollar spot)/mirror (similar) /wheat

You’ll notice that most of my “touches” of neutral fall decor are pumpkins. I LOVE pumpkins. Most of mine are ceramic pumpkins that I’ve collected from Target’s dollar spot over the years. I love that they come in neutral colors, so I can add in a pop of my accent color for the year without needing to buy additional decor.

I would like to incorporate more stems into my fall decor, but I haven’t figured out a great way to store them without damaging them. I don’t have a lot of space to store seasonal decor, so it all has to fit into one tote without getting smashed. In fact, last year I added a bundle of wheat to my dining room vase and I ended up leaving it there year-round because I didn’t want to ruin it in storage. If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

I’ve been hunting for more stunning, neutral fall decor pieces, and I wanted to share them with you too. So, I created a fun collage with some of the things I already have and some things that are on my wishlist!

neutral fall decor
Links: dough bowl (similar)/wood beads/garland/pumpkins (Target dollar spot)/
  1. Lumbar pillow
  2. White fringe pillow
  3. Knit pillow
  4. Leather pillow
  5. Natural and black pillow
  6. Dotted throw
  7. Cream throw
  8. Windowpane blanket
  9. White pumpkins
  10. Wood beads
  11. Dried pampas grass
  12. Eucalyptus garland
  13. Hyacinth placemats
  14. Black dinnerware
  15. Gold flatware
  16. Candlesticks

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