Kids’ Room with Playhouse Bunk Bed and Indoor Playground

This is the bedroom every little kid dreams of. With a huge playhouse bunk bed, an incredible rock wall, and a gorgeous wooden swing, this room is made for fun! Over the last 7 weeks, we custom-built each of those elements as we participated in the One Room Challenge, and it’s finally time to share this room!

We have tons of video tutorials and behind-the-scenes details saved in our highlight reels on Instagram. Head over there to watch this room unfold!


We debated so many different bunk bed styles, but when Tori finally made a decision and designed this room, we had no idea how we were going to build this bed. There were no plans, no step-by-step photos, no videos, nothing. We just had that picture and we had to reverse engineer it from there.

DIY Bunkbed

Alex read tons of bunk bed plans to figure out how to build a structure that was solid and strong enough to hold up the weight of this massive playhouse structure. Once that basic frame was built, Tori had to figure out the materials she wanted to use and the assembly of each layer to get something close to our inspiration picture.

This was our first build where we created it 100% ourselves. Usually, our builds are a combination of 2-3 other tutorials that we’ve read and tweaked to fit our needs, but this bed was our brainpower alone. All that extra engineering, planning, problem-solving, and arguing about whose solution was better added about a week onto our project timeline.

Like most projects, if we had the opportunity to build another one tomorrow, we’d be able to do it in 1/3rd of the time and make a few improvements based on what we learned the first time, but overall we’re really happy with how it turned out. It still needs some black accents on the top, but Tori hasn’t decided whether to add window trim or a black roof to tie in the black posts and ladder.

We have a full tutorial showing how we built the bed coming very soon!

Indoor Playground

Our winters here in North Dakota are brutal, and with COVID on the rise, we knew we needed more indoor energy-burning activities. So, we built an indoor playground in their bedroom. We were able to create this fun zone for around $120 since we used a lot of supplies we already had on hand.

We were a little nervous about how well they’d sleep if they had access to these fun elements in their bedroom, but they adjusted really quickly. Now, they walk right past them at night time and go straight to bed. But, we did intentionally install the swing so it’s quick to put up and take down if it ever becomes too big of a distraction.

Rock Wall

This is probably our favorite part of this entire room. It has been so much fun to play on and it was such a quick, easy project. We have a full tutorial explaining how to recreate this in your own home, but just know that if you have a drill and $100 you can build one too!

Indoor Swing

The swing is definitely the kids’ favorite part of their new room. It’s also the most inexpensive project in the whole room. We’ll have a full tutorial soon, but we used scrap wood from previous projects and paid about $25 for the hardware and rope.

Art Display

We intended to build a third playground structure in this corner, but the bed ended up costing a little more than we expected, so we decided to add a little artwork display instead. We thought about adding book or toy storage here, but with its proximity to the rock wall, we didn’t want anything that would be dangerous to fall on.

For our very first One Room Challenge, it went really well. We got to focus on building fun, unique spaces that are designed intentionally to function for our family. It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you want to see video tutorials and all the BTS details, check out the highlights we have saved over on Instagram (@thebuildits)!

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