How to Seasonally Style Your Bed in 5 Minutes

Our home has VERY limited storage, so we don’t have the space to store tons of seasonal decor. We definitely don’t have room to store different sets of bedding for each season/holiday. Plus, if we’re being honest, we only make our bed once a week when we change our sheets. It just doesn’t make sense for us to spend the time, money, or space on multiple sets of bedding when it’ll mostly end up piled on the floor or the foot of the bed.

We do, however, love decorating for each season. Refreshing a space with a few simple changes really makes our home feel new and fresh again. In our bedroom, we don’t really decorate our nightstands, because they’re maxed out with our essentials. So, the one place we can add some seasonal touches is our bedding.

In order to decorate quickly, cheaply, and in a space-efficient manner, we only add 4 things to our bed. Whether it’s fall, Christmas, or spring, we change the same 4 items and love how it makes our room feel brand new.

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Start with a neutral base

This technique only works if your duvet cover/comforter, euro shams, and sheets are a neutral color. We know white bedding is a favorite right now, but it just isn’t practical with 2 young kids who love to play and snuggle in our bed. We’ve had a light gray pinstripe set for over a year, and it’s given us the light, neutral base we want without showing every single mark. Our euro shams are a medium gray that hide everything and go with anything. We also have sets of white and gray sheets and like them both. (Side note: if you’re looking for an awesome set of sheets, these are our fav! They have over 137,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, so you know they’re good!)

Once you have your neutral base established, it’s time to start layering in the seasonal colors, textures, and patterns.

Add 2 seasonally colored pillows

For fall, we love to use mustard, rusty red, burnt orange, or deep purple. The winter holidays lend themselves to cranberry reds, forest greens, and deep blues. Spring and summer are the perfect time to feature leafy greens, soft pinks, or brighter yellows. Pro tip: if you’re also short on space, buy pillow covers instead of pillows for each season. They take up so much less space in storage!

orange accent pillows

Add 1 accent pillow

This is your chance to add some personality to your bed. Play around with textures and patterns. Some of our favorite textures are faux fur, sweater knit, sequin, metallic, velvet, linen, leather, etc. For patterns, buffalo check, windowpane plaid, tartan plaid, florals, brush strokes, and Aztec are all great options.

autumn throw pillows

Add 1 throw blanket

Your throw blanket is another opportunity to play with patterns and textures. In addition to those, it’s important to consider the weight of the blanket. Is it a chunky knit or lightweight cotton? Make sure the weight of the blanket matches the season you’re in. Experiment with throwing the blanket across the end of the bed or just one corner.

fall bedding

Play around with different combinations

Pick out 2-3 pillow covers and blankets to try out. Set them up on your bed, swap them out, try different combinations, and see what you like the best. When we originally styled and shot the bed, the fur pillow and orange throw was our favorite combination. Now as we’re editing photos, our minds have changed. Which of these combinations is your favorite?

how to style a fall bed
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autumn bed
easy fall bed

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