DIY Hall Tree | Small Entryway Storage Hack

This quick DIY Hall Tree transforms small entryways with tons of pretty storage. Bonus: It can be done in one day!

This DIY Hall Tree was a project born out of necessity. We have ZERO coat closets in our home. In fact, the night after we submitted an offer on our house, Tori woke up in the middle of the night convinced we had made a horrible mistake. We live in North Dakota where you need a coat 8 months of the year and she was worried the entries would always be a mess.

small entryway storage

It was a design challenge to figure out where to store our coats, boots, gloves, shoes, sunglasses, vacuum, cleaning supplies, and all the other things we used to keep in our coat closets. We don’t have a mudroom or even a distinct entryway. Our front door walks right into our dining room and our side door walks right into our kitchen/basement stairwell, so we had to find a way to build in storage aka the DIY hall tree!

Our side door is what we use most often, so that’s where we wanted to store our outerwear. We originally were going to do board and batten with hooks along the larger wall, but we didn’t want to look at the mess of coats and bags on the hooks every time we walked past the kitchen. So, we decided to use the wall behind the door.

small entry storage

A couple of months after we moved in, we hung a shelf for baskets and some hooks for coats. It wasn’t pretty, but it was functional and kept all of our winter gear out of the way. Until one day, we heard a loud crash and found this mess by the door. It was the push that we needed to make a prettier (and more secure) storage solution.


Overall, the DIY hall tree has worked really well for the 4 of us. We can hang all of our coats, snow pants, etc. and we have a small basket on the floor where we put our hats and gloves. For shoes, we got a heavy-duty rug and boot tray. Each person keeps 1-2 pairs of shoes there and the rest we store in our bedroom closets. 

diy halltree

Warning: There’s a decent amount of algebra involved in this project, so we HIGHLY recommend downloading our free project calculators!

We’ve read a lot of DIY tutorials, and while they’re helpful for understanding how the authors did a project, they don’t always help you recreate it in your own home. Converting our measurements to work in your space is time-consuming and requires more math than anyone wants to do. So, we’re making it easy on you! Recreate this exact DIY hall tree in your own home, without having to do the math!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Measure your wall
  2. Enter those measurements into the calculator

That’s it! The calculator will tell you:

  1. How tall your boards should be
  2. How many boards you’ll need
  3. How many sheets of plywood you need

PLUS, we know mistakes happen, so we added in a little cushion. Don’t sweat it if you cut a board too short or run over a plank with your car (guilty!), we’ve gotcha covered. If you’re ready for a math-free project, just tell us where to send the calculators

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DIY Hall Tree Tutorial

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Install and finish the shiplap treatment


Follow steps 1-7 on this tutorial to install and finish your shiplap and trim boards. Note: Our DIY hall tree used a 1″ x 6″ trim board, not a 1″ x 4″ like this tutorial. If you need help calculating the measurements of the boards, use our free calculator to do the math for you!

Step 2: Hang your wall hooks


To hang your wall hooks, you need to calculate the distance between your hooks. If you want to save some time and brainpower, let our free calculator do the math for you. You just need to know the length of your 1″ x 6″ and the number of hooks you want to hang.

diy halltree hooks

If you want to do it yourself, take the length of your 1″ x 6″, and divide it by the number of coat hooks you have +1 extra. For example, say we used 5 coat hooks and our 1″ x 6″ was 42″ long. We’d divide 42 by 6 (5+1) to see how much space should be in between each of our hooks. In this case, our hooks would be 7″ apart. Because you don’t want hooks at the very edge of the 1″ x 6″, take the space you just calculated and divide it by 2. This is the space between the edge of your board and your first (and last) hooks. Continuing our example, I’d hang my first and last hooks 3.5″ (7/2=3.5) from the edge of the 1″ x 6″. 

Yay! You now have a gorgeous DIY hall tree that you built with your own hands. How freaking awesome! Tag us (@thebuildits) in your photos so we can celebrate you!

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