The Build Its was created to help other families design spaces that are both gorgeous and exceptionally functional. We want you to dig into HOW you use your space before you ever pin an inspiration photo. Our homes are where we host big, loud, messy dinners where sometimes centerpieces just get in the way of the food and conversation. Our living rooms are where pillows and cushions are thrown on the floor to create safe havens when the floor is lava. Our bedrooms have kids with dirty hands climbing up to tell us about the awesome adventure they had outside. In our home, we cut down on the throw pillows. We eliminated the coffee table were the kids nearly split their heads open every day. We bought a gray comforter instead of the easily stained white. Now, our home feels intentional and uniquely suited for our needs. It’s easier to relax. It’s easier to play. Our home works perfectly for us, instead of us constantly working to make our home “perfect.”

We want you to find that same peace and relaxation in your home. We write tutorials that the most novice DIYer can understand. We create tools that simplify your DIY process by giving you shortcuts and limiting the opportunities for mistakes. We share openly about the highs and lows of DIYing with your partner. We are an open book about the chaos that ensues when doing projects with kids around. We explain how we decide if something is worth splurging on and help you get the most value out of every dollar you spend. We want to empower you, help you problem-solve, and cheer you on as you create the home that’s perfect for you.


DIY projects are our absolute favorite. Some couples join a bowling league, others join a softball team, but in this relationship, we grab power tools and tear apart our house (and then put it back together in a more beautiful and functional way!). We were high school sweethearts who thought we’d have a fun summer fling, but 8 years and a wedding, college degree, Air Force enlistment, 2 kids, and a house later, it’s safe to say we’re in this for the long haul.

After years of living on a military base, we bought our first house in 2018. We’ve spent the last 2 years updating every room in the house, and yet we still have a project list a mile long. We love taking on these challenges because working together teaches us about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and pushes us to be better partners. It also teaches us just how fast toddlers can get into trouble when left unattended for exactly 9.4 seconds. It’s a crazy balancing act with jobs, kids, and projects vying for attention, but having these spaces that we get to enjoy every day pushes us to keep designing, building, and dreaming of what we can create.

When we’re not DIYing, we’re usually traveling. Tori is a slight adrenaline junkie and loves chasing down the tallest roller coasters she can find (Millenium Force is her absolute fav!). Alex wants to summit every major peak in the continental U.S. and dreams of moving to Alaska and living off the land. We compromise by camping near amusement parks and going on toddler-friendly “hikes” aka nature walks.

We’re passionate about creating a space that is welcoming to all. Kindness is the only prerequisite to sit at our table. We acknowledge that our skin color has given us unfair advantages that we did not earn. BIPOC readers, we want to listen to you and amplify your voice. We are committed to changing the systems that discriminate against you. LGBTQ+ readers, we love you just the way you are and you are welcome here. We will work hard to make this a safe space for your authentic self. To all of our readers, kindness is the only option at this table. We love a good debate and appreciate hearing alternative perspectives, but hateful or discriminatory comments aren’t allowed here.